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MUSCO WONDER ARMS Strength Brawn Training -ORDERS 53

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Item specifics:

Item Type: Weight Loss Creams
Model number: VL390
Brand: VamsLuna
Type: other


- Made of rubber material, resistant to wear, durable and practical
- Helps to get rid of the flaccid problem in the area under the arms
- The band slot is easy to attach and not easy to fall off, a great tool for exercising your arms
- 3 interchangeable resistance bands, 15 pounds, 20 pounds and 25 pounds perfect for all fitness levels

 Made of rubber material, wear resistant, durable and practical
- Help you get rid of flabby problem in the area under your arms 
- The band slot is easy to attach and not easy to fall, a great tool for exercising arms
-  interchangeable resistance bands, 15lb, 20lb and 25lb perfect for all fitness levels
- Shoulder, bicep, back, tricep and chest exercises making every muscle in perfect training
- Make your muscles toning and tightening as you burn calories without joint strain
- With ergonomic hand grip and comfortable padded arm rest, harmless to your arm
How to Use:
1. Swing outer arms up into open position.
2. Choose a resistance band based on your skill level. 
3. Insert resistance band slots, ensure that band is securely in place and laying flat.
4. Grab hand grips and place arm rests on your forearms.
Application: Breaststroke Abdomen Trainer 
Function: Arm,Body
Package Contents: 1 x Arm Strength Grip, 3 x Band

Want to tone your arms and build strength? Looking for space-saving exercise equipment? MUSCO WONDER ARMS is for you!

Build muscle tone and improve your strength through dynamic, resistance workouts with MUSCO WONDER ARMS

Working out with MUSCO WONDER ARMS targets your triceps, biceps, chest and even your back, allowing you to get the most out of your exercise routine.

Tackle flabby arms and start feeling confident in tank tops and halter necks this summer.

3 different resistance bands make MUSCO WONDER ARMS ideal for beginners, as well as people who want to push their regular work out to the next level.

Get the best arm workout - MUSCO WONDER ARMS targets hard to reach areas and stubborn fat with its unique movements.

Professional quality and built to last, MUSCO WONDER ARMS is fitted with ergonomic hand grips and comfortable padded armrests,

Stop wasting time with traditional workouts and begin seeing an improvement in your muscle tone by using MUSCO WONDER ARMS for just a few minutes a day.

Make this the year that you get in shape with MUSCO WONDER ARMS- get yours today!


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